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8 Simple Steps to Making your First Shirt with CRICUT!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

DIY shirts for infants and toddlers

I turned my new favorite hobby into a business! I absolutely love love love making my own shirts for my kids. It's so easy to buy plain infant onesies and toddler shirts to design and throw on your kids. The hardest part of this is actually taking picture of your kids in your work of art! I wish my kids could model my clothes for my Etsy shop but they can never stand still for a photo. No worries! It's still worth it to make all these cool clothes.

If you are making these clothes as a hobby, you can buy the plain white onesies and t-shirts at Micheals, JoAnn Fabrics, and Hobby Lobby. Wait for a sale or use coupons to save on cost. If you are making these clothes for commercial use, I recommend using a wholesale company to buy your items in bulk at a discount price. There are many wholesale clothing websites and brands to choose from online. My favorite is or wholesale supplies.

Next you need to purchase your iron on vinyl. I use cricut iron on vinyl because I bought so much of it when I first got my cricut so this is what I use. You can buy other brands as well that may be cheaper but I would first buy a few samples then test the product before buying more. I have used cricut, siser, and the paper studio iron on vinyl and I think it’s all great quality. Siser is a great brand that is more affordable. Once you purchase your clothing and vinyl, you can begin designing your shirt using all your cricut supplies. Here are the steps to making your own shirt using a cricut.

How to make your own shirts

1.Pick your design on cricut design space

2.Personalize or modify your design

3.Cut your design using your cricut

4.Weed your design

5.Google “cricut heat guide” for instructions on easy press settings

6.Apply your settings to your easy press

7.Iron on your design to your shirt

8.Take pictures of your project and enjoy!

Comment if you have any questions and share your amazing work in the comments below.

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