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St. Patricks Day paper project Playdate

St. Patrick’s Day Paper Project Playdate

The days of play dates and hanging out with your new mom friends is slowing returning to normal and I’ve never been more ecstatic! As a registered nurse, I was fortunate to receive the COVID-19 vaccine along with my all my colleagues. After a year of scheduling and canceling play dates due to safety and the fear of having a super spreader event, we finally felt safe about having our long awaited play date. The year 2019 seemed to have been a lucky year for all the new mama’s who had given birth in our department. There were twelve, yes twelve, babies born that year, including my own. You know what that means right? Lots of play dates and mommy bonding. Well 2020 was quite a dreadful year but 2021 is already looking much brighter and we will start the year with a St. Patrick’s day play date.

As a crafty mom, I decided to make an activity for all the kids (ages 1-3 years old) so they could learn about St. Patrick’s Day and the mama's could enjoy a somewhat distraction less conversation. Toddlers are easily entertained from 1-3 years old so it was easy to throw together a quick arts and crafts project for them.

I use my cricut maker and my paid subscription designs to do most of my crafty projects but I will give other options to those crafters who do not have a cricut cutting machine.

I started by searching for a shamrock or clover design where the kids could color, glue, or sticker onto the image. I found two shamrocks that I thought were perfect and enlarged them to fit on a 12 inches by 12 inches piece of card stock. I made the dimensions 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches and picked 2 different green colored card stock. I then searched for different relevant themes or pictures to cut out so the kids could glue them onto the shamrock. I picked a party hat, sippy cup, pot of gold, shamrock sunglasses, and a smiley face. After adjusting the sizes to what I liked, I was ready to cut out these images.

How to cut paper from a Cricut

  1. Design your image on Cricut design space

  2. Click “make it”

  3. Prepare your different colored card stock and preview your images

  4. Make sure it says “mirror off”

  5. Select your paper size

  6. Select continue and load your first mat with colored paper

  7. Select cut on your Cricut machine

  8. Watch your machine cut

If you do not have a Cricut cutting machine, No worries! Simply google search shamrocks, faces, hats, sippy cups, pot of gold, or whatever else you like and print onto colored paper to cut out. If you do not have colored paper you can print on white printer paper and trace it onto card stock or construction paper.

It doesn’t stop here, add some color, sparkle, or dimension by buying stickers or other crafty supplies to add to your shamrock. I bought these stickers from Joann Fabrics on sale for $1.99 each. These stickers had some small pieces that I removed before giving them out to the toddlers.

I made individual packs of stickers, crayons, and cut outs for each toddler then passed them out while sitting at a table.

Here’s a picture of the end result. This arts and crafts project can be modified to fit any holiday theme; including Valentine’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, New Years Day. You name it! It is easy to plan and organize the supplies and the kids will have a blast. This is project is great for kids of all ages. Enjoy.











P.S. Add some extra flare by making personalized shirts for all the kids at the playdate. Here are some examples using foil iron on. Follow for more projects coming soon.

Stay crafty!

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